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 Arizona Art Supply in Tucson is a good source for supplies. They are located at 4343 N. Oracle Road, Tucson AZ 86705. Phone (520) 388-5555. They give a 20% student discount if you bring in a copy of this supply list. 

WATERCOLOR PAINT We will be using traditional watercolor paint, properly known as transparent watercolor. This should be purchased in tubes. You may use either professional-grade or student-grade paints. The professional-grade pigments, although more expensive, will produce much stronger coloration and give better handling, and are the better choice in the long run. These are available in either 5 ml or 14 ml tubes.


Burnt  Sienna

Raw  Sienna 

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue

Phthalo Green 

New Gamboge 

Permanent Rose


Winsor Yellow, 5 ml professional grade

Winsor Red,  5 ml professional grade

         The price is higher, but these are strong paints, and a little paint goes a long way.


For student-grade paint I recommend Winsor-Newton Cotman series, 8 ml tubes. These are the best student-grade paints that I have found. Most of  the names are the same as the Basic List, but a few changes are:

        New Gamboge is called Gamboge Hue

        Phthalo Blue is called Intense Blue

        Phthalo Green is called Intense Green

I have not found a good student-grade red, so for your red I still recommend  Permanent Rose, professional grade.

  • NOTE: Whether you choose to use professional grade or student grade, buy single tubes rather than sets. The sets usually contain pigments that we rarely use. 


You should buy good-quality brushes, because this makes a big difference when you paint. Either white nylon or golden nylon are good bristles, at affordable prices. When wet your flat brush should make a sharp edge, and the rounds should come to a sharp point .

You will need the following sizes:

            3/4" flat                   #10 round                    #4 round   

PALETTE  Suggested type: Plastic, with either square or round wells for paint. Must have a large mixing space. A cover is handy. 

WATERCOLOR PAPER  We will use Arches 140 lb. cold-press paper. either natural white or bright white. This is a must! Other brands will not work as well for our projects. Buy as 22 x 30 inch sheet, and cut into quarters (11 x 15 inches). This quarter size is what we will use for class.  Arches paper has a good front side, and a back side which is not quite as good.  Look for the Arches watermark, which is found in 2 of the corners of the large uncut sheet. Hold the paper up to the lite. If you can read the watermark correctly,  you are looking at the front side. Be sure to mark in pencil the front side of the large sheet at each corner before cutting into quarters.

Board: tempered Masonite, plywood, Formica, etc. This is used to hold the paper while painting. Recommended board size is about 12 X 16 inches, minimum, or a bit larger. This will hold a quarter sheet.   Cut the board to exactly 12 X 16 inches if you plan to use bulldog clamps instead of blue painter's tape. (See below.)

For fastening your paper to the board use either Blue painter's tape (1-inch preferred) OR 4 large bulldog clamps. The clamps are my favorite, because they allow the paper to expand a bit when it is wet. This helps to prevent buckling.


2 bowls for water (Cool-Whip containers or similar)

plain white paper  (a few sheets), 


eraser, white vinyl (Not the pink type.)

hair dryer 

small towel

facial tissue


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