• A painting usually begins with sketches that I make  on location. Although I may then also paint on location, most of my paintings are done in the studio, where I can control lighting and other conditions. The majority of my work is done in watercolor, but I do venture into alkyd and oil painting, as well as pen and ink sketching.  This depends on which medium is best suited for a particular project.

  • My  subjects typically include landscapes and seascapes, rural buildings and Southwest desert scenes.

  • While the basis for my  artwork is realism, I do take liberties to bring out what I, as the artist, see in a particular subject. This may involve altering or omitting certain aspects of a scene, and I frequently emphasize the more subtle colors in a landscape or seascape. All of this allows me to establish a mood for the painting, and helps the viewer to see and feel what it was that compelled me to produce the painting.